July 21, 2021

Any traveler knows it’s the little things that make a big impact. A 5-star rating kind of impact. So providing complimentary, easy-to-use power and charging gives property owners like you a competitive edge, that today’s guests will definitely notice and appreciate – now more than ever.

1. Today’s Travelers Love Their Tech

On average, travelers carry three connected devices each and given the number of online services out there, it’s easy to understand why. Mobile boarding passes, booking apps, online reviews to read, directions to where you’re going – a well-charged phone is a must-have when you’re exploring someplace new. Hotels and Resorts are already clued in, offering convenient, fast-charging USB access in desks and nightstands that guests have come to expect. But only 2% of short-term rental properties list complimentary charging solutions as part of the package.

2. Guests Appreciate Functional Spaces

Traveling already requires its share of stress and planning, so guests are looking for E-A-S-Y once they’re finally settled in. And that means not having to move furniture to access outlets or tripping over messy extension cords. Clunky surge protectors and adapters can make even the most inviting spaces look cluttered, thrown together and unsafe. Tabletop guest charging is hands down the smart and tidy way to go.

“I’ve had to dig behind the bed to find an outlet. That’s why I always bring an extension cord.” – Airbnb reviewer.

3. Their New Home (Office!) Away from Home

Now, more than ever, a workspace that works well is a major selling point. Business travel has always been a key driver for hotel room design trends, but a huge shift in remote work has turned working from home into working from anywhere. In fact, the volume of US guests that mention working remotely from their Airbnb has more than tripled over the last year, so providing a laptop-friendly workspace has become a highly sought after amenity in short term rental listings – and can actually increase how much you charge! In fact, hosts  who add laptop-friendly workspace earn an average of 14% more than those who don’t.

4. It Really Is the Little Things

Guests are look for those comforts that make them feel at home. Special touches like personal notes or light snacks and drinks. It’s details like these that separate short-term rentals from big chain hotels. When it’s obvious that a property owner has really thought through the details…that’s the stuff you remember. Travelers are searching for new experiences – spaces that delight and recharge – and you have the power to wow them.

5. It’s Easy to Do

Providing convenient power outlets and fast-charging USB for your guests is one of those little things that goes a long way. And the best part? It’s so easy to do. We’ve created bundled all-in-one kits with smart, stylish power designed for properties just like yours. From studio apartments to large vacation homes, we have solutions that will make your spaces look better, feel better, function better – and leave a 5-star impact.

Want to know more about Short Term Rental Power Solutions?  Download our Vacation Rental Bundles Product Guidebook, or contact us for more information. We’ll even send you a free sample.