Keeping technology charged and comfortably within reach is a big part of feeling right at home – wherever you are.

These spaces often deliver the greatest challenges for designers. And the greatest rewards. From 5-star business hotels and luxury getaways to affordable vacation rentals, guests are still looking for many of the same comforts and conveniences of home. At the top of their list is easy-access power to keeps phones and other personal devices charged – without interrupting the curated appeal of their stay. Here, it’s about providing intuitive and abundant power options that not only respect, but even elevate the space. And the experience


Power and Charging Options

From built-in and retrofit solutions to robust, mobile and wireless products that go where the guests do, Byrne can help bring the power from under furnishings and away from the walls to the places where connections happen.

Hotels & Motels
  • Guest Suites
  • Lobbies
  • Conference Rooms & Business Centers
  • Lounges & Gathering Centers
  • Outdoor Areas
  • Restaurants & Bars
Vacation Rentals
  • Bedrooms
  • Living Rooms
  • Office & Workspaces

Products to Suit Your Project

Ready-ship or custom one-of-a-kind, Byrne Hospitality products deliver power and charging right where you and your guests want it, at prices that won’t break the bank – helping you complete every project on time, on budget, and true to your vision.


Byrne Knows Power

Design is your thing…and power is ours. Let us help you plug into your best hospitality spaces. With 50 years of experience behind us, just imagine what we can do together.


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Keeping technology charged and comfortably within reach is a big part of feeling right at home – wherever you are.

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Solutions for

When you’re on the move, staying connected is major. And that means easy power access across a variety of spaces.

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From business dinners to drinks with friends, when restaurants serve up the power to stay charged, it’s a welcome benefit.

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Even when you’re kicking back, your tech never is. Stay happily plugged in with indoor and outdoor-friendly power that goes where you go.

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