Power Bundles

Guests, family, friends (even you!) are always looking for an easy place to plug in and power up. Your bundle helps do just that. It’s everything you need in one box – right down to the charging cables. Each kit includes portable power and table top power and USB, designed to look beautiful in your home, and add powerful functionality to laptop friendly work spaces and bedside tables.

  • Table Top Power

    Multiple style and color options to Compliment your space

  • Portable Charging

    Guests can charge anywhere, even outside

  • Charging Cables

    Includes charging cords for all devices

  • Customization Options

    Give us a call to learn how you can personalize your power

Product Details

Interested in power for your short term rental property? For more information, download the Power Bundle guidebook.  Contact us for more information on our solutions. We’ll even send you a free sample.