Phones, tablets, laptops, second phones, speakers, smart watches…. It’s obvious how much we rely on our devices to stay connected. Enabling all of this technology takes the right power partner. The kind that has the right amount of options (which is a lot), and is always looking ahead – to keep you ready for what’s next.


Byrne’s technology  platform for power and data customization allows us to keep adding the latest and greatest, and gives you the power to choose. Specifically designed to be completely interchangeable, so customers can offer the configurations that make the most sense for each application without having to work with multiple power unit styles or suppliers.

A one-stop-shop approach with multiple power outlet options, a wide range of integrated data jacks, and tons of USB charging ports. For whatever your tech requires – today and tomorrow – Byrne has it covered.

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We’ve integrated USB-C into a variety of desktop and mobile power units, and it’s even available as an interchangeable “chiclet,” allowing you to customize nearly any Byrne power unit.

USB-C PD (Power Delivery) uses intelligent negotiation,  to power devices up to 70% faster than traditional USB, and allows for higher wattage charging. Byrne’s USB A+C and Dual USB-C are Smart Charging Chiclets. They take advantage of USB-C PD (and QC 3.0) to provide more charging power at higher speeds.

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USB A+C, 20W QC 3.0 & PD

Dual USB-C, 45W PD

USB-4C, 20W

Dual USB-C+A, 20W


USB-C and the Power Delivery standard brought a huge increase in charging power levels – up to 100 Watts. Devices that used to require traditional AC power or large adapters to get a charge, can now “kick the brick” and plug into a smaller, more universal option. With more and more devices moving to USB-C , the type of charging port (or ‘Chiclet’) you plug into can make a big difference in charging speed.

15 - 30 Watts

30 - 70 Watts

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Watch Byrne’s latest video for more information on new USB-C chiclet options, smart charging, and how to choose which charge is best for you.


For a complete list of Byrne’s technology chiclets, including our new USB-C charging options, download the Tech Brochure. If you’d like more information,  fill out the contact form below and we’ll be in touch!

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