Power the Best Guest Experience

It’s one of those little amenities that make a big impact. A 5 star rating kind of an impact. Providing complimentary, easy-to-use, power and charging gives you a competitive edge that today’s guests appreciate – now more than ever.

Today's Travelers Love their Tech

Less Clutter + Easier to Use

The Home Away from Home Office

Little Things Make a Big Difference

Today's Travelers
Love Tech

On average, most travelers carry three connected devices each. Hotels and Resorts are already in the game of offering convenient, fast charging USB in desks and nightstands – that guest have come to expect.

Less Clutter
Easier to Use

No more moving furniture, or extension cords on the ground. Power strips on the floor, and clunky adapters everywhere can make even the most inviting space look a bit thrown together, or even unsafe. Table top guest charging is all together tidier.

Home Away from
Home Office

Now, more than ever, a work space that works well is a key selling point. Business travel has always been a key driver for hotel room design trends. But a huge shift in remote work has turned working from home into working from anywhere.

Little Things
Big Difference

Guests look for those extra comforts, the ones that make them feel at home. From hotels and airports to vacation rentals, travelers are looking for something special. Spaces that recharge. Spaces with the power to wow.

What's in a Power Bundle?

Guests, family, friends (even you!) are always looking for an easy place to plug in and power up. Your bundle helps do just that. It's everything you need in one box – right down to the charging cables.

Table Top Power
  • Available in multiple styles to match your space. Perfect for nighstands, desks and tables.
Portable Charging
  • Guests can take anywhere in your home, even outdoors. Completely cordless. Add
Charging Cables
  • High Quality Cables Included
  • USB-C, Lightning and Micro USB

The Power to Do You.

Have a project that could use a powerful edge? A charging problem you can’t quite figure out how to solve? Turn to Byrne. If you can dream it, we can deliver it – that’s just the way we’re wired.

No job is too big. Or too small. Whether you need 1 or 1,001, we’re here to help.


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